The Process

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Hello my name is Allicia, thank you for taking the time to look at my blog.
Let me start by saying that breastfeeding is one of the hardest yet most rewarding things I've ever done. I believe that most mothers feel this way. We've given our children the best start in one of the most selfless acts, we should wear that as a badge of honor. Why not preserve that beautiful memory with an amazing breast milk pendant made from your very own liquid gold. Wear that badge proudly :) 

I have been creating MommyMilk® Pendants with other handmade goods and selling them through my local shop since 2007 I started selling my creations online in 2012 I'm excited to be working with customers everywhere.

I'm a perfectionist so I strive to create the most perfect keepsake for you that I can. I make your breast milk pendant like I would want mine myself. I take my time and do the absolute best that I can to make your special keepsake as perfect as it can be, please consider this when making a purchasing decision.
Your breast milk beads will be smooth and uniform without an overabundance of bubbles. My petrifying process takes days and concentrates YOUR milk. I have perfected my style of preserving breast milk over my years of doing so. Therefore, your milk bead will be smooth, shaped and contoured almost perfectly.

The color of your Breast Milk Bead™ will vary depending on your sample of milk. Some milk is more yellow than others, other milk is very thin and will create a less bright bead, if you will. There may be some areas in your Breast Milk Bead™ that appear slightly darker or whiter than the rest of the bead. This is because milk has fatty and non-fatty parts. For the most part your bead will look like a uniform color but under very close inspection you may see the slight color variations or speckles. This will not change and your bead will continue to look the same throughout the years.

*First and Foremost*
When you purchase Breast Milk Pendants from me you can be positive that they will not discolor, turn yellow or spotty. I have perfected a special technique and others cannot offer this same guarantee. Your pendant will look the same as it did the day it arrived as it will years from now!
If you pendent changes at all (which would happen very shortly after purchase) I will remake it free, with the original options chosen. I personally promise that this WILL NOT happen. There is a very special process I use that I can guarantee no other seller uses, no one else will promise your milk won't turn yellow after receiving your pendant.

Your milk goes through three separate steps before I can even begin to create with it, none of which change the special properties of your milk. The second step is the most important step in guaranteeing no discoloration. After the first three steps there are five more steps that are taken before your pendant starts to cure. Other breast milk pendants are made using a very simple process that will most certainly leave you with milk that will turn yellow in just a short time. Why take that chance with something so very precious, if you purchase from me you can be positive about what you're getting.

The Process
Each pendant is made with your breast milk, I promise no substitutions. I take the care to make every pendant as if it were my very own. I use every individual mother's milk for their pendant, every item I use for my process is sterilized before I start the process over again with another mother's milk. It's extremely important to me that each individual batch of milk is treated as precious as gold. I give you my promise that every pendant is made with YOUR individual breast milk, with no contamination from any other sources.

The way this works is you send me a small amount of your breast milk, usually in a zip closure plastic bag, double bagged. You can place it in and envelope and and send it on it's way! I only need about 1-2 tablespoons of milk.

After your milk is received I put it through a five step process, preserving it and turning it into a bead made from your milk. My preservation process takes days and concentrates YOUR milk. It is NOT the same simple process that other makers use. I use only 100% your breast milk no fillers, solvents, nothing is mixed to it to achieve the preservation. Through these five steps your milk becomes petrified and can then be laid into resin being preserved forever.

Each bead is made by hand and no two will be alike. Please understand that I strive to make each and every pendant perfect, bubbles and discoloration may happen as each one is different and everyone's milk holds different properties. 

Bead placement is at my discretion. If you have a certain way you would like your bead placed please just let me know.